Quality label for fire safety in hotels
The Safe-Star Hotel Quality label represents an independent and transparent certification of fire safety in hotels. The goal is increasing the safety of guests and personnel in hotels by avoiding fires as well as providing an appropriate response capacity in terms of equipment and personnel. The quality label initiated by the FEU a.s.b.l. (Federation of European Union Fire Officer Associations) is issued by the Safehotel-Star Office

EU-Project „Safehotel – Interactive fire safety training of hotel staff“
The list of requirements for the Safehotel-Star quality label has been developed with financial support of the European Commission during the project “Safehotel” (D/03/B/F/PP-146 086) within the Leonardo da Vinci program for vocational training and has been extended by the core statements of the MBS methodology for fire safety in European hotels published by the European umbrella organization of the hospitality industry HOTREC. For fire safety in hotels the comprehensive training of the staff is paramount. Therefore, this aspect is a key criterion for obtaining the Safehotel-Star. In order to allow a cost-effective and flexible training of the hotel staff – in spite of the high turnover rate of personnel – an inter-active training CD for the hotel industry has been developed during the EU-project which can be used in 12 European languages