SAFEHOTEL - Checklist Instruction for use
1 Aims
The interactive version offers you to learn more about the SAFEHOTEL checklists online. As a registered user you can store the data of your hotel(s) for later inspection. The registration is recommended if you want to use the checklists as a tool for your regular risk assessment. If you prefer not to register your data will not be saved. This checklist-system is a tool to verify the level of fire safety in any existing hotel in a consistent way throughout Europe. It contains the most relevant provisions of the European Council Recommendation for Fire Safety in Existing Hotels 86/666/EEC as well as the "Guidelines to fire safety in European hotels - Hotel Fire Safety MBS (Management, Building and Systems) Methodology" made available by HOTREC in 2010.
2 Auditors
To assure an independent and expert conduct of the audit only fire safety experts independent (financial or personal) from the hotel are selected who are qualified professionals and suitably trained members of the Safehotel-auditor-team.
3 Use
A safety measure is marked in the "yes"or "no"field as appropriate. If there is a non required measure, for example an escape door adjacent to a sliding or revolving door and the hotel has no sliding or revolving doors at all, this should be recorded with a mark in the "not required"field.
4 Checklists
4.1 Checklists - basic requirements
Checklists M, B, S are used to verify if the most relevant provisions of the EU council recommendation for fire safety in existing hotels and the MBS methodology are met (Total score: 100 points) - Checklist M: Management - Organisational measures - Checklist B: Building - Escape routes - Checklist S: Systems - Building services
4.2 Checklists - additional measures
Checklist E contains certain "safety options" which improve the fire safety of the hotel; various quality points can be gained by implementing these measures.
4.3 Core requirements
The core requirements reflect that good fire safety management and appropriate training of staff are fundamental parts of the whole fire safety strategy for hotels. Furthermore smoke detection is indispensable for the safety of guests.
4.4 Specifications and signature
In case the auditor does not store the completed checklist online, the auditor has to fill in the name, the date and the name of the hotel under inspection. After completion of the inspection, the inspector has to sign the checklists and number them, to guarantee the completeness of the lists.
4.5 Additional information
Additional information is given for every entry marked with . The information and explanations given on lists M, B, S are mostly taken from the original text of the EU council recommendation for fire safety in existing hotels or the MBS methodology from HOTREC.
4.6 Possible compensational measures
If an entry is marked with © a certain compensational measure is acceptable; which has to be noted under "Remarks".
4.7 Remarks
Any additional remarks can be placed here
5 Issue of the quality label "Safehotel-Star"
5.1 Documentation
The completed checklist is stored online, in exceptional cases it has to be sent via e-mail ( to the Safehotel-Star Office
5.2 Award criteria
Criteria for awarding the quality label are both fulfilment of the requirements in the lists M, B and S with an allowed deviation of at most two points each, and the equipment with smoke detectors as well as the fulfilment of the core requirements in relation to the organizational fire protection. Upon scoring at least 300 points, the certificate can be issued.
5.3 Costs and supplies
The net cost of the certification are as follows: On-Site audit: 800 € (travel costs are included - if required 1 overnight stay free of charge has to be provided by the hotel) Certification: 200 € The hotel will receive a certificate, in which it is acknowledged that the hotel meets European requirements for fire safety in hotels, as well as a plaque, which is also suitable for the attachment outside at the entrance, as well as the Safehotel logo as a high resolution image suitable for promotional purposes during the validity of the certificate, furthermore the listing in the Safehotel database and display on including hyperlink to the hotel's own website Free of charge are the registration and use of the online checklist for the purpose of self-audit as well as consultation by phone to clarify issues related to the certification process.
5.4 Validity period
The certificate is valid for 3 years